14′ Hoophouse structures

Our 14′ wide “caterpillar tunnel” combines affordability with easy mobility. This hoophouse can be built as a stand-alone stationary structure, complete with doors and roll up sides. But the real value of the SideStep hoophouse comes alive with the mobile/modular system, stepping sideways in sections onto multiple sets of ground posts.

  • Affordable: The SideStep hoophouse can be installed for roughly half the cost of Gothic hoophouses, while adding valuable mobility.
  • New valuable features: every structure includes groundcloth weed barrier and poly baseboards
  • Hyper-mobile: 2 people can relocate 2,000 sf of hoophouse in 1 hour, allowing new sophisticated rotations to maximize value
  • Is functionally half the width of our 30′ Gothic structure: 14′ width still allows (4) 30″ beds with generous pathways
  • Buttons up in the winter: Wire-lock channel in the baseboards let’s you secure the poly cover in wind and harsh weather conditions
  • Ready for your growing needs: cross braces provide snow load protection and can be used for irrigation and trellising functions
This 14′ SideStep mobile/modular installation was completed for Hawkins Family Farm in 2013

This 14′ SideStep mobile/modular installation was completed for Hawkins Family Farm in 2013

Hope Is Alive At Recovery Park

Interested in what lies beyond the Midtown and Downtown recoveries? This great little video (shot inside a Nifty Hoop) explaining what Gary Wozniak and RecoveryPark have in store for the Chene-Ferry neighborhood of Detroit. Michelle Lutz really knows how to grow some...

Nifty Berries-Green Garden

Nifty Berries, as Trent Thompson so generously nick named them, are hitting peak season in the Nifty Hoops @ Green Gardens. Trent says they’re a major crop not only for their revenue, but for the draw to other sales. (and thanks Trent for the treats!)

Wisconsin build

What?! A full set of bows up by 7:30am on our first ever Wisconsin build? Yep. That’s what happens when you pre-build from 8pm to midnight trying to get ahead of the afternoon winds. @ChickenOpera -}. You rock Sarah! Such hospitality Steve.