14’ Hoophouse High Tunnel

Our 14′ wide “caterpillar tunnel” combines affordability with easy mobility. This hoophouse can be installed for roughly half the cost of Gothic hoophouses, while still providing a great deal of flexibility for season extension and year-round production.


  • Affordable: The 14’ high tunnel can be installed for roughly half the cost of Gothic hoophouses, while adding valuable mobility.

  • New valuable features: every structure includes groundcloth weed barrier and poly baseboards

  • Hyper-mobile: 2 people can relocate 2,000 sf of hoophouse in 1 hour, allowing new sophisticated rotations to maximize value

  • Functionally half the width of our 30′ Gothic structure: 14′ width still allows (4) 30″ beds with generous pathways

  • Buttons up in the winter: Wire-lock channel in the baseboards let’s you secure the poly cover in wind and harsh weather conditions. Every bow has a crossbrace, to protect your structure from snow and wind.

  • Ready for your growing needs: cross braces provide snow load protection and can be used for irrigation and trellising functions


  • 1.315” diameter - 14 gauge ground posts

  • 1.315” diameter - 16 gauge bows

  • 1.315” diameter - 16 gauge cross braces

  • 1.315” diameter - 16 gauge top purlin

  • Poly cover - Ginegar 5-layer 6-mil 4-year Sunclim film

  • Roll-up ventilation curtains (both sides):
    1.315” diameter - 18 gauge roll-bar

  • End walls: 1.5” square galvanized steel framing for all doorways and 11-mil woven poly film. Hinged door: (1) 1 3/8”x3’x6’8” foam core solid entry door with latch set at most accessed end, with a solid woven poly panel at the opposite end

  • Weed-barrier/poly base system - forms an air-lock without blocking light

Upgrades Available

Nifty Hoops Overhead Irrigation

Overhead irrigation

Two overhead irrigation lines attached to the tops of your crossbars. Each can be run independently.

Nifty Hoops Drip Irrigation Kit

Drip irrigation kit

Includes drip tape, header, valves, pressure reduction & filter, basic fittings — installed by grower after the build

Nifty Hoops Automatic Side Ventilation

Automatic side ventilation

Upgrade roll-up side curtains to automated/motorized (both sides, includes thermostatic control)

Nifty Hoops Trellising Supplies

Trellising supplies

Roller-plast spools for tomatoes and other crops, support wire, tomato clips


  • Our team of professional hoophouse installers comes to your farm and finishes your installation. Projects are usually completed in one day. Instant hoop!
  • Get growing sooner — you can be growing in your new hoophouse just a few weeks from today
  • Pour some lemonade and watch the crew build your hoop, or roll up your sleeves and learn how its done!
Nifty Hoops Full Installation
Nifty Hoops Community Build


  • Muster your friends, neighbors, CSA members and community to create an old-school barn raising style event
  • Nifty Hoops will supervise your crew of volunteers or helpers — we’ll build it together
  • Cultivate personal and community investment in your farm
  • Build a great memory for everyone involved — they will want to eat your food because of it!


  • Our lead builder works with you for six hours — pounding and leveling posts, training you to assemble the hoophouse, and staging the build for you to complete
  • Learn our fast and easy assembly process with our video series, which shows you every step of the build
  • When we leave, you will be well on your way to completing your hoophouse
Nifty Hoops Build