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14’ Quick Hoop

These structures give you the benefits of high tunnel production, are affordable and easy to assemble.

Using qwonset-style bows (each with a cross-brace for durability in wind and snow), a steel top purlin, wind bracing and steel-framed endwalls, you create a protected space for season extension, to keep the wind and rain off your flowering crops, or to provide shade for your greens in the warm season.

All you need is a good hammer, a drill or impact driver, and the gumption to get the job done.

Installation Options:

  • Delivery Only — Your quick hoop kit delivered to your farm

  • Starter Build — Our lead builder will install your quick hoop with you.

  • Full Installation — We will build your quick hoop for you.


  • Affordable - The 14’ Quick Hoop can be installed for roughly 1/3 of the cost of a 30’ gothic structure

  • Strong - 16 gauge bows, cross braces and top purlins can take a beating and keep on protecting your crops

  • Well-ventilated - Poly sides push up easily to ventilate as little or as much as you choose

  • Functionally half the width of our 30′ Gothic structure: 14′ width still allows (4) 30″ beds with generous pathways

  • Accessible - Our end-wall design incorporates a hinged door for daily entry, and our optional 7’ equipment access door will even let in your tractor


  • 1.315” diameter - 16 gauge bows

  • 1.315” diameter - 16 gauge cross braces

  • 1.315” diameter - 16 gauge top purlin

  • Poly cover - Ginegar 5-layer 6-mil 4-year Sunclim film

  • Our unique low-cost ground anchoring system using steel rebar and carabiners to anchor your structure in place

  • End walls: 1.5” square galvanized steel framing for all doorways and 11-mil woven poly film. Hinged door: (1) 1 3/8”x3’x6’8” foam core solid entry door with latch set at most accessed end, with a solid woven poly panel at the opposite end

Upgrades available:

14 door.jpg

Equipment access door

7’W woven poly with velcro opening


Overhead irrigation

Overhead irrigation line attached to the tops of your crossbars.

Drip irrigation kit

Includes drip tape, header, valves, pressure reduction & filter, basic fittings — installed by grower after the build

Trellising supplies

Roller-plast spools for tomatoes and other crops, support wire, tomato clips