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  • Affordable: The 14’ high tunnel can be installed for roughly half the cost of Gothic hoophouses, while adding valuable mobility.

  • New valuable features: every structure includes groundcloth weed barrier and poly baseboards

  • Hyper-mobile: 2 people can relocate 2,000 sf of hoophouse in 1 hour, allowing new sophisticated rotations to maximize value

  • Functionally half the width of our 30′ Gothic structure: 14′ width still allows (4) 30″ beds with generous pathways

  • Buttons up in the winter: Wire-lock channel in the baseboards let’s you secure the poly cover in wind and harsh weather conditions

  • Ready for your growing needs: cross braces provide snow load protection and can be used for irrigation and trellising functions


  • 1.315” diameter - 14 gauge ground posts

  • 1.315” diameter - 16 gauge bows

  • 1.315” diameter - 16 gauge cross braces

  • 1.315” diameter - 16 gauge top purlin

  • Poly cover - Ginegar 5-layer 6-mil 4-year Sunclim film

  • Roll-up ventilation curtains (both sides):
    1.315” diameter - 18 gauge roll-bar

  • End walls: 1.5” square galvanized steel framing for all doorways and 11-mil woven poly film. Hinged door: (1) 1 3/8”x3’x6’8” foam core solid entry door with latch set at most accessed end, with a solid woven poly panel at the opposite end

  • Weed-barrier/poly base system - forms an air-lock without blocking light

Upgrades Available: