30’ Gothic

Our flagship structure, strong, rugged, grower friendly - click here


22.5’ Gothic

A leaner, tighter package to fit your budget and your footprint - click here


14’ High Tunnel

Affordability and easy mobility - click here


Starter Builds

Do-it-yourself sort of person? Other manufacturers drop-ship through a trucking company and its your job to unload the steel and figure out a long instruction booklet. We come with a lead builder and unload your materials, set and laser-level your groundposts and get you started on the major tasks of building your structure yourself. Check out our videos series filmed to support our starter build farmers at niftyhoops.com/support

Full installation

No other hoophouse manufacturer in the region can fabricate its own steel parts and complete full installations. Our mission is in building local agricultural economies, so we need to see our growers succeed. Let us build it for you fast so you can get in the ground sooner.



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