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Nifty Hoops

Nifty Hoops works to re-localize food and farming systems in Ohio by making high tunnels for crop protection, season extension, and year-round production. From lake-effect and continental climates in the north to the Appalachian plateau in the south, the climates and soils of Ohio are ready to host a revolution in local production of food and cut clowers. Let's win back our food economies!

Photo Credits: Fox Tail Farm, Rooster Ridge Farms, & Fox Tail Farm

Nifty Hoops Ohio

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Our Hoophouses

Nifty Hoops are built strong to withstand Ohio's snow and wind. Laser precise and proven in the field, we see to it that each structure is assembled quickly and efficiently on your farm. We build hoophouses in one day, so that you can get to the farming.

Nifty Hoops Sustainable Farming Hoophouse 30 Gothic

30' Gothic

The new standard in high tunnels, Nifty’s flagship 30’-wide hoophouse offers superior strength, durable materials and grower friendly features

Nifty Hoops Sustainable Farming Hoophouse 22.5 Gothic

22.5' Gothic

Our 22.5’-wide hoophouse brings all the strength and durability of the wider hoophouse, with a footprint to fit your space and your budget