Nifty Hoops Terms of Service:

Services include:

For full hoophouse installations, price includes shipping of all materials to project site and the labor to install all of the house structure listed above.

For starter build installations, pricing includes shipping of all materials to project site and 6 hours of labor to initiate the installation of the hoophouse structure listed above. We also support the grower
with video and written materials. Any additional labor and/or consulting charged at $75/hour.

Sales tax policy:

Agricultural exemptions from state sales tax are available by completing the appropriate forms. (For Michigan - Treasury form 3372, check your state’s website). If we do not receive this, sales tax will be invoiced separately to your email address. For assistance, please contact us.

site preparation:

Growers are responsible for final selection and preparation of the building site. Nifty Hoops can install your structure on any reasonable flat surface (not necessarily “bubble level”). We use laser planes to layout sites and can accommodate up to several feet out of plane in length and/or width. This can even be advantageous if your slope is to the south. Small slopes can also help with drainage and water collection. Our ability to build on a sloped site can save growers hundreds to thousands of dollars in site prep and many hours of work.

Hoop sites must be clear of all large plant debris and smoothed to within 4” of a flat surface. The ground must be tilled up around the entire perimeter to accommodate baseboard installation. This will result in an installation with the bottoms of baseboards placed from the surface to 4” deep in the soil. Growers are then able to do any final grade work including the addition of soil amendments for several years without topping over the baseboards. Growers should plan their site preparation prior to hoop construction including trenching in of electrical and water (to a freeze-proof hydrant), tilling and soil amendment and perimeter drainage. These considerations are site specific. Actual trenching and utility connection work is easier to accomplish after the hoophouse installation. Any applicable issues of zoning, building or other permits as well as any underground or other utility issues are the responsibility of the grower. Consult your local authorities and/or call Miss Dig as necessary. Nifty Hoops does not drive any posts deeper than 30” below the ground surface.

Hoophouse construction contingencies:

Standard charges for hoophouse construction assume working conditions permitting quick and efficient assembly. Site specific conditions including large sub-surface rocks or concrete/objects that interfere with ground post installation, lack of work area to set up and pre-construct parts, sites not accessible to vehicles and excessively muddy/clay conditions, etc. will result in additional installation costs ($50/man hour of additional labor). We will attempt to anticipate and discuss ahead of time any such conditions when they are known, as well as ways for the grower to correct these conditions and circumvent additional costs.

Light or sandy soils may dictate the need for additional anchoring at $40/anchor (10 – 20 anchors on average, depending on hoophouse size and actual soil conditions). We will advise you on the need for additional anchoring , if noted, once we have set the ground posts for the hoophouse.

We will do our best to complete your project in the scheduled time frame. Weather can affect our ability to start or complete a project. If rain or heavy winds are predicted, we may reschedule your installation project. We often stick with the scheduled date if it appears the weather might miss us or only marginally affect the build.

High wind conditions: While we have been very fortunate over the years, we are not able to install top poly on every hoophouse build. (End wall covers and side roll up curtains can even be very difficult in higher winds.) We have noticed that the weather forecasts are less able to predict the actual weather that we will experience on the farm lately.

Our crews will not install the top layer(s) of film if the winds are at a dangerous level. This generally means winds over 10 mph. Winds with large gusts can also be dangerous. In the event we cannot pull the top poly on the build date, you will have several options to complete your hoophouse installation:

  • Complete the poly installation and misc. wrap up tasks yourself and receive a $250 credit in your final invoice.

  • Arrange for one or more of our lead builders to come back to the site and work with a group of your friends and family to do the installation when conditions permit. ($75/person/hour charged for all travel time)

  • A full crew can return at the rates above, if you do not wish to be involved in the poly installation. Depending on your timing, needs, we may be able to schedule this with a job near your location. This can save on travel expense.

  • Note: the grower can often help avoid a no poly day by having a few friends and/or family on hand to help pull under marginal conditions. This is great insurance against damaged poly and other potential hazardous situations.

Hoophouse use and Warranty information

Nifty Hoops are specifically designed for growing food in the ground (vs. nursery use). Larger, lower cross braces, on every interior bow, span 22’ of the 30’ bow width providing support for a trellising system for tomatoes, cucumbers and other tall and vining plants. Other standard features are carefully selected for their utility and value for the diversified vegetable market.

One year limited warranty - Nifty Hoops warrants your structure against defects in parts and workmanship under normal use for (1) year from the date of construction (Warranty Period). If a valid claim is received within the Warranty Period, Nifty Hoops will repair or replace any defective parts and/or correct workmanship issues. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights which vary by jurisdiction. This warranty is limited to repair or replacement at the discretion of Nifty Hoops. Warranty service may be obtained by contacting or calling 734.845.0079

Nifty Hoops cannot warranty any damage resulting from weather. Hoophouses are designed and built to withstand normal winds and normal single event snow loads (those experienced most years in southeast Michigan and similar areas). Severe weather can damage hoophouse coverings and/or structures. You can minimize weather damage by using best practices measures such as:

  • Roll down side vents completely and close all doors during high wind events

  • Remove snow from against hoophouse sides after each accumulation to avoid build-up that becomes increasingly difficult to clear after subsequent snows

  • Most snow will slide off of the poly covering, especially during daytime/sunny warming conditions. Sometimes wet snow and ice will build up on the poly. This can be partially removed, to avoid excess weight build-up, by gently tapping the poly with a dull surface such as a broom head, or temporarily heating the hoophouse interior.

You are strongly encouraged to insure your hoophouse for severe weather damage.