About Nifty Hoops

Nifty Hoops pays attention to what you need to grow. Our structures as designed to help you produce food affordably for market. Through our experience working closely with four-season growers, we design to maximize important features while minimizing cost. We treat each structure as a system, not just a collection of interchangeable parts.

  • We focus on our regional growers and pay attention to the features most valuable for diversified vegetable production and seek to provide the best cost/value structure on the market.
  • We professionally install everything we manufacture. Imagine having a completed structure in one day for less than the material cost from many other producers.


30′ Gothic hoophouse structures

Nifty Hoops produces a 30 wide gothic structure that can be built from 48 to 192 in length.

this 30x48 structure was built in 2013 for Kate Bartley of Silo Hydro Farm

this 30×48 structure was built in 2013 for Kate Bartley of Silo Hydro Farm

  • Strong: Triple gusseted cross-braces span every interior bow and stretch 22 across the 30 structure. While creating a strong house for our northern climates, these braces also integrate with our plant trellising system, creating a quick and easy way to train tomatoes, cucumbers and other vining crops.
  • Rugged: our Gatorshield galvanized tubing and strong woven poly endwall and rollup panels are built to last
  • Grower-friendly: Mid-wall height provides complete perimeter walk area and easy access to the complete growing footprint.
  • Accessible: our end-wall design incorporates hinged doors for daily entry and (4) large equipment panels that give you cost effective, and easily-winterized doorways.
  • Full-featured: Our structure includes all of the elements you need to produce 12 months of the year including baseboards, roll-up sides, automated end-wall ventilation, a double layer/inflated poly cover and equipment and hinged doorways.

14′ SideStep mobile/modular hoophouse structures

Our newest design is a 14′ wide “caterpillar tunnel” that combines affordability with easy mobility.  This hoophouse can be built as a stand-alone stationary structure, complete with doors and roll up sides.  But the real value of the SideStep hoophouse comes alive with the mobile/modular system, stepping sideways in 16′ length sections onto multiple sets of ground posts.

This 14' SideStep mobile/modular installation was completed for Hawkins Family Farm in 2013

This 14′ SideStep mobile/modular installation was completed for Hawkins Family Farm in 2013

  • Affordable:  The SideStep hoophouse can be installed for roughly half the cost of Gothic hoophouses, while adding valuable mobility.
  • New valuable features: every structure includes groundcloth weed barrier and poly baseboards
  • Hyper-mobile: 2 people can relocate 2,000 sf of hoophouse in 1 hour, allowing new sophisticated rotations to maximize value
  • Is functionally half the width of our 30′ Gothic structure: 14′ width still allows (4) 30″ beds with generous pathways
  • Buttons up in the winter: Wire-lock channel in the baseboards let’s you secure the poly cover in wind and harsh weather conditions
  • Ready for your growing needs: optional cross braces for heavy snow load installation areas


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