Hoophouse Or High Tunnel

Hoophouses and high tunnels are more popular than ever for farms and home gardens. A hoophouse is a greenhouse usually heated only by the sun. Hoophouses are usually made with steel bows and covered with plastic. They are generally built without concrete footings and used for growing crops in the ground.

Hoophouses stay warmer than outside and protect crops from wind and rain. This helps to prevent stress and reduce pressure from fungal disease. Hoophouses allow fruits and vegetables to grow at times usually out of their regular growing season. They even allow cold-hardy crops to grow through the deep winter. High tunnels create a microclimate that simulates the temperatures of a location several hardiness zones closer to the equator.

Our Hoophouses

Nifty Hoops are laser-precise, built to last, and proven in the field.
Our structures are built quickly and efficiently so you can do that thing you do.

30' Gothic

The new standard in high tunnels, Nifty's flagship 30'-wide hoophouse offers superior strength, durable materials and grower friendly features

22.5' Gothic

Our 22.5'-wide hoophouse brings all the strength and durability of the wider hoophouse, with a footprint to fit your space and your budget

16' Gothic

Our 16'-wide hoophouse is small enough to fit in your backyard and big enough to extend your season through the deep winter


  • Our team of professional hoophouse installers comes to your farm and finishes your installation. Projects are usually completed in one day. Instant hoop!
  • Get growing sooner — you can be growing in your new hoophouse just a few weeks from today
  • Pour some lemonade and watch the crew build your hoop, or roll up your sleeves and learn how its done!
Nifty Hoops Full Installation
Nifty Hoops Community Build


  • Muster your friends, neighbors, CSA members and community to create an old-school barn raising style event
  • Nifty Hoops will supervise your crew of volunteers or helpers — we’ll build it together
  • Cultivate personal and community investment in your farm
  • Build a great memory for everyone involved — they will want to eat your food because of it!


  • Our lead builder works with you for four hours — pounding and leveling posts, training you to assemble the hoophouse, and staging the build for you to complete
  • Learn our fast and easy assembly process with our video series, which shows you every step of the build
  • When we leave, you will be well on your way to completing your hoophouse
Nifty Hoops Build