About Us

Nifty Hoops

Nifty Hoops is working to radically re-localize food systems around the United States by helping our growers become successful and profitable while they feed our communities. To do this, we have designed a series of more efficient crop protection structures (hoophouses), which increase resilience of farms against wind, rain, and cold and extend the growing season through the winter months. We have drawn from our backgrounds in engineering and farming, and taken feedback from growers to redesign how high tunnels are manufactured, sold and built.

Nifty Hoops Michigan High Tunnels

Our Hoophouses

Nifty Hoops are laser-precise, built to last, and proven in the field.
Our structures are built quickly and efficiently so you can do that thing you do.

Nifty Hoops Sustainable Farming Hoophouse 30 Gothic

30' Gothic

The new standard in high tunnels, Nifty’s flagship 30’-wide hoophouse offers superior strength, durable materials and grower friendly features

Nifty Hoops Sustainable Farming Hoophouse 22.5 Gothic

22.5' Gothic

Our 22.5’-wide hoophouse brings all the strength and durability of the wider hoophouse, with a footprint to fit your space and your budget