30’ Gothic Hoophouse

Nifty Hoops’ flagship structure, these 30’ wide gothic high tunnels can be built from 48’ to 192’ long. They provide the strength to withstand northern winters and the features to make growing in them a pleasure.

Want to see a Nifty hoophouse being built in one day? Watch our detailed videos of each step of the build.


  • Strong - Triple gusseted cross-braces span every interior bow and stretch 22’ across the 30’ structure. While creating a strong house for our northern climates, these braces also integrate with our overhead irrigation and plant trellising system, creating a quick and easy way to train tomatoes, cucumbers and other vining crops.
  • Rugged - Our galvanized tubing and strong woven poly end-wall and rollup panels are built to last.
  • Grower-friendly - The 6’ side-wall height provides complete perimeter walk area and easy access to the complete growing footprint.
  • Accessible - Our end-wall design incorporates a hinged door for daily and entry and two large equipment access panels that give you cost effective and easily-winterized doorways.
  • Automated louver ventilation - we have incorporated our low-voltage/low-energy-use louver motors as standard equipment on our hoophouse installations. Say goodbye to industry standard louver motors that use power to stay open, hour after hour, day after day. We are the first to market with a low-voltage louver system that uses only pennies per year, standard on every hoophouse.
  • Many other features, including double layer poly with low-voltage/low-energy-use inflation blower and roll-up sides with baffled ends.


  • Allied Gator-shield galvanized steel tubing
    • 1.660” diameter - 13 gauge ground posts
    • 1.660” diameter - 14 gauge bows
    • 1.315” diameter - 16 gauge purlins and wind braces
  • Cross brace package - triple gusseted (1.315” diameter - 16 gauge, every interior bow)
  • Wind bracing in every corner (12 diagonal braces in total)
  • Poly-lock package
    • Double aluminum quick-lock (@hip) with cam inserts
    • End bow and end-wall aluminum wire-lock channel and wiggle-wire
  • Durable woven poly roll-up ventilation curtains (both sides)
  • Roll-up sides include 5:1 geared roll-up operators, 4 baffled end panels (provide poly overlap at roll-up panel ends), roll-bar cradles and wind ropes individually tied every 12’
  • Double layer inflated poly cover - Ginegar 5-layer 6-mil 4-year clear over SunClim film (IR and diffusion properties)
  • End walls:
    • double purpose end wall configuration that maximizes utility by placing year-round “people access” at the main entry end and two 8’x’8’ equipment access doors at both ends
    • 1.5” square steel assemblies, laid out to accommodate ventilation and door openings
    • 11-mil woven end-wall covers with two velcro door openings (8’x8’)
    • Hinged door - one 1 3/8” x 3’ x 6’8” foam core foam core solid entry door with latch set
    • End wall ventilation: two 48” aluminum end wall louvers (with our unique low-voltage/low-energy-use system - 12V DC linear actuator motors and low-voltage thermostat controls, wire complete through our conduit system and ready for your electrical connection)
  • End-to-end conduit system - 1” PVC and fittings - for louvers and misc electrical functions
  • Baseboards - 2x10 SPF (untreated - meets organic certification criteria)

Upgrades Available

Nifty Hoops Overhead Irrigation

Overhead irrigation

Two overhead irrigation lines attached to the tops of your crossbars. Each can be run independently.

Nifty Hoops Drip Irrigation Kit

Drip irrigation kit

Includes drip tape, header, valves, pressure reduction & filter, basic fittings — installed by grower after the build

Nifty Hoops Automatic Side Ventilation

Automatic side ventilation

Upgrade roll-up side curtains to automated/motorized (both sides, includes thermostatic control)

Nifty Hoops Trellising Supplies

Trellising supplies

Roller-plast spools for tomatoes and other crops, support wire, tomato clips

Nifty Hoops Full Width Roll Up Endwalls

Full-Width Roll-Up Endwalls

Increase end-wall access with wide roll-up panels - 8’ high x 22’ wide open end-wall access. Includes removable end-wall framing posts when accessing full unobstructed width, and our 5:1 geared roll-up crank for easy open and close operation. Fully installed.


  • Our team of professional hoophouse installers comes to your farm and finishes your installation. Projects are usually completed in one day. Instant hoop!
  • Get growing sooner — you can be growing in your new hoophouse just a few weeks from today
  • Pour some lemonade and watch the crew build your hoop, or roll up your sleeves and learn how its done!
Nifty Hoops Full Installation
Nifty Hoops Community Build


  • Muster your friends, neighbors, CSA members and community to create an old-school barn raising style event
  • Nifty Hoops will supervise your crew of volunteers or helpers — we’ll build it together
  • Cultivate personal and community investment in your farm
  • Build a great memory for everyone involved — they will want to eat your food because of it!


  • Our lead builder works with you for six hours — pounding and leveling posts, training you to assemble the hoophouse, and staging the build for you to complete
  • Learn our fast and easy assembly process with our video series, which shows you every step of the build
  • When we leave, you will be well on your way to completing your hoophouse
Nifty Hoops Build