Hoophouses Ann Arbor MI Vegetable Planning Sheets

Vegetable Crop Planning

Vegetable CropPlanning Spreadsheets “The best fertilizer is a farmer’s footsteps”, but your careful attention is needed well ahead of soil prep, planting or even ordering seeds. Here is a crop planning spreadsheet that many growers have found helpful. You’ll find two files — one that has first-succession planting dates for winter hoophouse production in lower…
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Hoophouses Ann Arbor MI Green Things Germ Box

Nursery Seedling Production with Green Things Farm

Nursery Seedling Production with Green Things Farm Spring is right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking seeds and nurseries! So, we’re bringing in the folks from Green Things Farm Collective – the farming home of its owners Nate, Jill, Michelle, Hannah, and Eric, as well as their farming crew. We had a chance to…
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Nifty Hoops Learning About Hoophouses

Hoophouses and High Tunnels

Read This Before You Buy A Hoophouse Or High Tunnel Hoophouses and high tunnels are more popular than ever for farms and home gardens. A hoophouse is a greenhouse usually heated only by the sun. Hoophouses are usually made with steel bows and covered with plastic. They are generally built without concrete footings and used…
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